For 18 years in the market, PAO & ARTE began its history in January 2000 with 3 employees. It currently has a staff of more than 450 employees, and operates in 10 states in Brazil, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rondônia, Acre, Amazonas, Roraima, Piauí and Pará.

The founder of the industry, RODRIGO NOGUEIRA MANOEL, from Minas Gerais, opened a small bakery in Cuiabá and observing the capacity of the consumer market was innovated. Through its entrepreneurial and visionary spirit, capital has brought the state-of-the-art technology as a differential to the clientele, thus exceeding the quality of the products of large national industries.

Currently, PAO & ARTE is the most important frozen bread industry in the Midwest due to the volume of production and the positioning of its brand. It is also the pioneer in the region’s market for bread freezing technology.


在全国市场上已有19年的历史,PAO & ARTE FROZEN BREAD于2000年1月在马托格罗索州首府库亚巴成立,当时仅有3名员工。 目前,它拥有超过450名员工的团队,业务遍及巴西的10个州(马托格罗索,南马托格罗索,巴拉那,圣卡塔琳娜,朗多尼亚,阿克雷,亚马逊,罗赖马,皮奥伊和帕拉等州),并在国际市场上运作。


该产业的创始人,来自米纳斯吉拉斯州的RODRIGO NOGUEIRA MANOEL,在库亚巴开设了一家小面包店,并观察了不断创新的消费市场的能力。 凭借其企业家精神和远见卓识,它为客户带来了与众不同的最新技术,从而超越了国内主要产业的产品质量。


由于其产量和品牌定位,PAO & ARTE FROZEN BREAD目前是巴西中西部最重要的冷冻面包产业。 它还是该地区面包冷冻技术市场的先驱。

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